Other Projects

  • Birdseye College Price Comparison.   This is a site that provides students exploring potential colleges a quick and easy way to get a side-by-side price comparison of what each college they are interested in will charge them for a full four-year education, including tuition, fees, room, board, and supplies.  Because colleges offer vastly different discounts in the form of grants and scholarships to different students, my site provides a simple way to quickly weed out those that do not fit well financially.
  • Video demonstration of the robot putter (avi). This is a demonstration video made for a Robotics class project with Stefan Atev and Evan Ribnick. An overhead camera observes the calibration pattern made up of colored balls arranged in a specific pattern which is used to calibrate the scene. A set of colored markers on the robot are used to localize the robot in the scene. A path is then planned for the robot to travel around the scene and knock out the balls making up the calibration pattern in a specific order. 802.11 wireless is used to communicate the positions to the robot. This project worked fantastically!
  • Video demonstration of kernel-based object tracking (avi). This a demonstration I made for the Computational Vision class at the University of Minnesota. For this, I coded up the method described in:
    D. Comaniciu, V. Ramesh, and P. Meer, “Kernel-based object tracking,” IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 25, no. 5,  pp. 564-577, May 2003.

    I happen to think that it is a really clever method, and it was a lot of fun making this video. Please ignore the dazed look on my face.

  • Mancala playing agent. This was my project for the Artificial Intelligence class at the University of Minnesota way back in 2003. To demonstrate use of a search method, I wrote a Java applet to play the ancient game Mancala. The computer player implementation uses the min-max algorithm with alpha-beta pruning and a search tree depth limit. I think it turned out really well.