Education Related

  • Microprocessors class projects 2010/2011. This page has the demo videos created by my Microprocessors students for their quarter-long projects. The students each developed the idea and implementation of their projects either alone or in small groups. The videos show the results of their labors.
  • Teaching philosophy statement.  Written in 2008 when I was originally searching for a higher-ed job.  It certainly needs some updates now, but it makes a good snapshot of my mindset when I started on the higher-ed education path.
  • Technology Day Camp.  A summer day camp that I co-ran with another graduate student at the University of Minnesota in 2008 and 2009 to get kids from underprivileged backgrounds interested in Computer Science.


  • Nathaniel Bird, “Use of the Arduino Platform for a Junior-Level Undergraduate Microprocessors Course,” Proceedings of the ASEE Annual Conference, June 2011.
  • John Estell, Nathaniel Bird, and Firas Hassan, “Mentoring with Index Cards: An Early Introduction to Formative Assessment for New Faculty,” Proceedings of the ASEE Annual Conference, June 2011.