Thoughts on Marketing for Birdseye College Price Comparison

In an attempt to generate additional traffic for my Birdseye College Price Comparison site, I have added a set of PDF files to the site.  There is one PDF file for each state and the District of Columbia, which contains a list of all of the four-year colleges in the state along with my system’s estimated four-year price for the average student starting college this year.  These lists are ordered from lowest price to highest price.  My personalized cost estimates are still going to be superior because they will provide a price range closer to what an individual student will actually pay for their education, but I think these PDF files can provide a useful starting point for students or their parents.

My hope is that these side-by-side average (or net) four-year college price comparisons per state are something that my potential users are interested in.  If you want to take a look at it, here is the link: Side-by-Side Four-Year Average Net College Prices by State.

If this is useful for you, or you have any ideas on what might make it more useful, let me know!  I’m always interested in improvement.

Nate Bird

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